Sunday, May 9, 2010

Untukmu Ibu

Mama..Happy Mother's Day...
there isnt any day of my life that i regret having u as a mother..i love u soo much..hehhee..
Thank you for your patients n kindness to me..
Only Allah knows how much i appreciate it..
Nuthing can compare to the sacrifice u did to me n my sisters..
everyday is a mothers day to me..u r too special to have only one day...
InsyaAllah i will study hard and make u n daddy proud of me..
u are always in my prays..wishing u good health n good life dunia n akhirat...

i will make u cry one day but not because of my bad doings...
but because of my success..
those will be tears of joy...
i dedicated to u mama n daddy..
i promise to become a good muslim docter..InsyaAllah...
From your daughter,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Food for thought...

i had this discussion with my frend Ceetah at foodcourt...its short but very meaningfull....she open up a topic about her interviewer from Manipal who ask her y do u want to study overseas...mine was my relatives who ask me the same question...we both answer because we want to get experience..

Yes..i guess thats one thing to consider..its true right..going to different places u can get different experiences..well do u ever think that it can also make u more mature..or "matang"..
somehow leaving in overseas u will be by one to take care of u n no one to care wat u do or dont do..its totally ure choice..wat u want to do with ure life..wheter u want to study or dont study..wheter how many boxes of cigerettes u want to smoke or dont one here to sclode u or get mad at u..u can buy or do anything with ure money....i can go on with the stuff that we can do but u get the much freedom it is to live by ureself..

i understand that now..the choices u make will grow on u..being mature not necessarely mean being like an adult but in terms of pemikiran..u can be childdish but ada tempat dier..even im childish kdg2...ermm ada juga orng kata
"knp kena matang?? jd bdk2laa best..."
yes i agree becoz sumitmes once we get old kita nk jugak jd muda..ada je yg tua cuba nak perangai mcm for me just act ure own age..sampai bile kita nak jd my mum say jd orng "hingus meleleh"??? we will not live forever..bile2 je Allah swt boleh tarik nyawa kita..we dont want to regret making irresponsible decision in our life..

Living in overseas sume perkara dlm tgn kita..its like two roads diverse and its up to us to choose the right path..taking medecine in Manipal is only 2 years n a half..its not long..just use it wisely..InsyaAllah with DOA Allah swt will lead us to the right path.."Islam is the perfect way of life" hehehe..sgt perfect..kalo ikut we will not go astray..Alhamdulilllah being in overseas i have friends who i can count girlfrends..usrah sisters....i am so bless to have them..orng kata choosing the right friends is very important..sepatutnya bile kita tgk kwn kita, kita dpt lihat syurga..(in terms of diorng akan bw kita ke arah kebaikan..bkn buat jahat =p)syukur so far itulah sara nampak..sumenya dgn redha Allah Sara dipertemukan dgn mereka..hehehe..

the past is the past..future is yet to just live the present all that we can..Allah knows best...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

India Update

WWaaa..time fly so fast..tgk2 dh nak sstart block exam..block just nak update..ermm i bought a bike..its pink n yeah its not really my color but i have no choice..the rest r all very large bike which my short feet cannot reach the paddle..i manage to recall back how to ride kelas dh bw basikal..this was my greatest achievment this block..hehehe..rasa seronok but i get really tired biler naik bukit..penatt..serius..or iz it just me who lack stamina..hehhee..watever..
everybody have scooter or motorbike but i have my bicycle..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

2nd Home

Lama x update blog..neways this is my new apartment in INDIA...small but very cozy...its nice to come home after tired day of lectures n disection....hehehee..i love this apartment..seronok duduk ngan Housemate Nik Atikah and Fatin shahira...
Living hall
Dining Table

View from my room..sangat nyaman

Kitchen which is rarely usee,,busylaa nak masak2..hehhee


My room

Friday, April 30, 2010


Ada 3 jenis jodoh dalam islam...
1) jodoh dari syaitan...
- Apabila lelaki dan perempuan berkenalan..berpegang tgn..buat maksiat..lalu pada akhirnya si perempuan itu lelaki pula baru menikahinya..
2) jodoh dari jin
- Apabila lelaki dan perempuan berkenalan....lelaki suka pd si perempuan tapi bukan sebaliknya..Lelaki itu menggunakan bomoh dan sihir bagi menyuruh si perempuan mencintai nya..oleh itu mereka berkahwin...
3) jodoh dari Allah s.w.t
- Apabila lelaki dan perempuan berkenalan..berpandangan mata..terus menusuk ke lelaki terus meminang si perempuan dan si perempuan terima peminangan itu...oleh itu mereka berdua bernikah...insyaAllah perkahwinan kekal hingga ke akhir hayat..Inilah dinamakan sebagai "SYURGA CINTA"

Semoga jodoh sara datang dari Allah...Aminnnn~

Monday, December 7, 2009


...i feel so trappped...

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'm too shy to say

I got a crush on you

I hope you feel the way that i do

I get a rush

When I'm with you

I wish i could tell somebody

But there's no one to talk to,

nobody knows I've got a crush on you ....